Friday, May 31

...Ooh And We Are Moving

I went down to Calgary a few weeks ago to go visit my parents. While I was visiting with my mom and talking to her about work and what is new with me and the kids she looks up for her plate of whatever it was she was eating and says...Ooh did I forget to tell you we are selling and moving to BC?

Umm, yup. You did somehow neglect to mention that. When? Where? What will you guys do there?

As my mom shared with me all her plans and ideas that are going to relocate her and my dad to another province I couldn't help but selfishly wonder "if you sell this house and move, where will I be from?"

When I go home to visit where do I stay? It felt weird to me that we might not be going to Strathmore any longer for family get togethers.  I lived in two different houses on that street for almost my entire childhood. My first kiss was on that street.  I use to keep and ride my horses at the end of that street when it use to be a field. I love that place. I painted that house one summer with my BF Calvin and my brother lit his leg on fire on that street. My dog Bailey lived in that house its entire life. How do you not have a place where you are from?

I tried to hide my disappointment and listen to my mom talk about how excited she is for this new adventure  of her and Steve's. I wanted to share in their joy but my stomach hurt and I don't think I was very successful.

I looked through a few things she wanted me to take to further along the cleaning out process. It was hard but I guess this is what happens when you grow up.

It was a strange feeling and I am not quite sure I am ready for it. But when are we ever ready for big life changing events.


I am grateful for all the happy memories I have had growing up in Strathmore.

I am grateful for good friends who know what to say to me when I am needing some encouragement.

I am grateful for nice smelling laundry soap, it makes my shirts smell good.



Unknown said...

At least your mom forgets to tell you.
Mine forgets that she has told me.....usually around every 3-4 hrs.
Yes mom you told me....(but I'm sure you'll tell me again)

It's only natural for older people to make their way to bc.
You can only put up with alberta weather for so long.

You're still from the same place. That is why people keep pictures.
Look through them and reflect and you'll be right back there in an instant remembering things you'd long forgotten.


Mo Scott said...

I know the feeling. We had an acreage in Elk Island Park for 13years, then Sherwood Park to present. My Mum passed away 2 years ago and Dad now wants to sell. I hate the idea but he doesn't want the up keep on a large home and needs to move on. I am however heart broken and just today I went over to clean for him and as I left I just felt very sad. It's hard to let go of those old memories but you will enjoy visiting your parents where ever they are