Friday, May 31

...Ooh And We Are Moving

I went down to Calgary a few weeks ago to go visit my parents. While I was visiting with my mom and talking to her about work and what is new with me and the kids she looks up for her plate of whatever it was she was eating and says...Ooh did I forget to tell you we are selling and moving to BC?

Umm, yup. You did somehow neglect to mention that. When? Where? What will you guys do there?

As my mom shared with me all her plans and ideas that are going to relocate her and my dad to another province I couldn't help but selfishly wonder "if you sell this house and move, where will I be from?"

When I go home to visit where do I stay? It felt weird to me that we might not be going to Strathmore any longer for family get togethers.  I lived in two different houses on that street for almost my entire childhood. My first kiss was on that street.  I use to keep and ride my horses at the end of that street when it use to be a field. I love that place. I painted that house one summer with my BF Calvin and my brother lit his leg on fire on that street. My dog Bailey lived in that house its entire life. How do you not have a place where you are from?

I tried to hide my disappointment and listen to my mom talk about how excited she is for this new adventure  of her and Steve's. I wanted to share in their joy but my stomach hurt and I don't think I was very successful.

I looked through a few things she wanted me to take to further along the cleaning out process. It was hard but I guess this is what happens when you grow up.

It was a strange feeling and I am not quite sure I am ready for it. But when are we ever ready for big life changing events.


I am grateful for all the happy memories I have had growing up in Strathmore.

I am grateful for good friends who know what to say to me when I am needing some encouragement.

I am grateful for nice smelling laundry soap, it makes my shirts smell good.


Monday, May 20

Long Weekend Music

I love a long weekend, even when I have to work. I love the smell of sun on my shoulders, the sound of children laughing and playing on the lawn, BBQ and of course good music.

So to help aide in the enjoyment of your weekend I will provide a few songs I am listening to as well. Enjoy!

My New Favorite From Macklemore


Summertime -Mungo Jerry


A Little Party Never Killed Nobody-Fergie


Blurred Lines-Robin Thicke


I am grateful for good pillows.

I am grateful for the Shaw guy who came to fix my TV so I can watch Game Of Thrones.

I am grateful for ice cream floats.


Sunday, May 19

Italian Fountains And Happiness.

When I was in Italy for the grand total of 24 hours a few years ago I got to see the amazing Fontana Di Trevi. After walking down back streets in rather humid weather for what felt like forever, I finally arrived.

The myth at the Fontana is if you make a wish (as it is with most fountains) and throw in money, your wish will come true. I sat at the edge of the fountain for a while deciding what I wanted to wish. When I was confident I had figured out the perfect wish and the perfect wording for this wish (I had to make sure it was perfect because I didn't know when I would ever be back to do it again) I grabbed my coins and tossed them in.

My wish was that Drew would find happiness first. I wanted him to find someone and make a life that he was happy with. I wanted my children to be happy too, then when all that was settled, I wished that I would find happiness too. Drew and R are due with a baby in a few weeks, he looks happy and healthy. We all get along well, there is no tension. We communicate about the children respectfully and peacefully. It is exactly where I dreamed we could get this.

I have never wished for life to be easy, or without stress and problems. That is silly and impossible, but I do believe that happiness can still be found amongst life's garbage.

Yesterday I was so happy. I have been happy for a while now. Yesterday during a BBQ at my house with friends and children all around I could see how happy my kids are. The house was filled with food, music and laughter and when the day was ending I saw this comment in my inbox from a post I had put up on my blog...

Joelle, I was looking at the pictures that you've been posting lately. (especially last post) They seemed different to me, and I had decided that you seem to appear to have a greater sense of happiness about you in them. Not that you didn't appear happy in previous pictures, the new ones are just different.

I'm glad that you're feeling that you're in a better place. :)

I am happy Ken. I know what happiness is, and to be honest I dont know If I really understood it completely before. I know happiness has nothing to do with money and happiness can be found even when life is challenging and is present when I am single. I am in charge of my happiness. 

Thank you for noticing what I have been working so hard on. 


I am grateful for learning to truly live on a budget. 

I am grateful for sprinklers from walmart on hot days that little children jump and play in. 

I am grateful for how good cold beer tastes on hot days. 


Saturday, May 18

The Ugly Cry At Yoga

I was invited to go to hot yoga last night with my friend. It has been a while since I went last. I really enjoyed it and have wanted to go again, but as it is with stuff like this, life seems to get in the way. So this invite seemed like a perfect time to get back into it. 

It was a Yin class, so mostly just stretching. It was good and I was completely enjoying myself... until out of nowhere while I was in a pose and stretching I became completely overwhelmed and began crying.

I have absolutely NO idea where the hell this came from. I was having a fantastic day, I was enjoying this class, everything was great. There was even a really attractive man in front of me, so to have this massive flood of emotion completely blindside me was confusing to say the least. There I was doing a hip stretch with snot, tears and sweat running down my face! I couldn't even control it or make it stop, and I found the longer I held the pose the harder the tears came charging out of my eyes.

Strangest experience I have had in a very long time. I wasn't sad, I was just crying.

When the class was over the instructor came up to me to ask if I enjoyed myself and how I felt it went. When I asked her "what the H was with me crying"  she smiled and said that sometimes happens in yoga and to not be surprised, we hold emotion in different parts of our body and yoga helps release it. That made me feel a little better, but perhaps that might be something you say to the class BEFORE we begin, you know, so class member don't feel like they should go to a psychiatrist after the class ends. 

When it was all done, I felt fantastic and lighter. It was a perfect way to start a work week!


I am grateful for a beautiful long weekend with my kids.

I am grateful for friends and loved ones.

I am grateful things in my life are so very different than they were this time last year. Time is such a gift.


Friday, May 17

The Last Of Our Garlic King and Queen Shenanigans

The last event for our reign as Sorrentino's Garlic King and Queen was last week. The Garlic Festival is over now and to end the festivities we (Rob & I) we asked to go to each Sorrentinos restaurant in Edmonton and say hello and thank you to every single quest, give them a mint and remind them that they are helping support the Compassion House.

As is most things Rob and I do, it was just a lot of fun and ass-hattery!

I had such a wonderful evening. It was fun to get out and meet new people, laugh and do it all for a fantastic cause! Sorrentinos took such great care of us and spoiled us rotten!


I am grateful for special things we get to do because of work.

I am grateful I got to "bond" with this Aston Martin, clearly this means Danial Craig and I will wed soon.
Our reception will be held at Sorrentions.

I am grateful for a good toothbrush.


Tuesday, May 14

Teabags and Olympic Jenna

So after I thought the computer was fixed it had to go back to the repair shop again because of more viruses. I have completely had enough of this damn thing and I am ready to throw a hammer through it (the computer that is) I won't but I really want to someday!

Breath in....Breath out...

Sigh... So now it should be good. SHOULD being the key word here.

Jenna (super Olympic nanny)  had a race last week and she finished 8th over all out of 264 people. 4th for woman, and 1st in her age group. With a time of 38 minutes and 21 seconds. She is training hard and doing
well. We are so proud of her. I think I will start calling her Olympic Jenna as a way of supporting her to achieve her dreams, also it will be my subliminal messaging to Nike to sponsor her.

I think Olympic Jenna might be moving in to the house soon too. Having a live in nanny will be way more convenient for us both and the poor girl can then sleep in a real bed instead of on the couch on the nights I work until midnight. Not too sure what it will be like supporting 6 people on my own, but I feel its the right thing to do and I am up for the challenge, but if I end up in a padded room with a white jacket on, from taking on more then I can handle, please come visit me.

Anyway, back to Olympic Jenna's race. When she was leaving to go home the night before her race and  the kids and I wanted to shower her with our best wishes and tell her how proud of her we were so on her way out I was saying good luck, run fast..then out of nowhere Ethan says to Jenna "may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Seriously I love my children. They are some of the funniest people I know. For Mothers Day Seth made me a card at school and attached 2 tea bags to it. When I was with them and Seth and I were going to have the tea I asked him to put the tea bags in the mugs to which the boys erupted in laughter.
I didn't understand why everyone was laughing so I asked Seth again to put the teabags in the cups and that caused round two of the giggles... then it dawned on me, MY BOYS ARE LAUGHING AT THE WORD TEABAG...ugh. They don't stay innocent for very long do they? Little turds!


I am grateful for Olympic Jenna and all her help. She is a cool girl.

I am grateful for this job of motherhood. As hard and as exhausting as it is, it is so very very rewarding.

I am grateful for the constant support from good friends who love me and I love them.


Thursday, May 9

The Majestic Cow

My computer has been on the fritz the last few weeks. While I would try to blog and be in the middle of writing a post out of nowhere this weird blue screen would pop up and shut off my computer.
Annoying as hell! Then when I would log back in, not only did it add an additional 20 minutes to my already tight time frame, it would have not saved what I had already written. Forcing me to re-write everything again. After talking to people who know way more about this crap then I do, apparently this blue screen (of death as its lovingly referred to) is not a good thing and I needed to have this looked at.

So after a week of my computer being in the shop, it has finally been returned to me so I can resume my blogging.
I have a load of things to catch up on. But the one story I could not wait to share was the conversation I had with the kids the other day.

After dinner one night we decided to go for a walk to the park and play basketball. I am pretty open with the kids about the fact that I am dating, I don't go into great detail with them but they know I go out once in a while. When we were out for our walk/shooting hoops it is out tradition that we chat and the kids ask questions, and dating was the topic on this evening.

Gabe: Mom, How has the dating been going?
Me:  Okay I guess, why do you ask?
Gabe: I was just wondering if the majestic cow has appeared on any of your dates yet?
Me: What in the H is the majestic cow? And why would it appear on one of my dates?
Gabe: Well, (he is laughing his beautiful laugh now, an the other children are giggling too) when the Majestic cow appears that is how you know the guy you are with is your true love mom. So keep watching for it.

These children of mine are so fun. I love this age.


I am grateful for encouraging friends.

I am grateful for healthy and happy children.

I am grateful for water. (I don't love how often I have to pee when I am trying to drink so much of it, but I guess there are worse things to complain about.)