Wednesday, April 10

Garlic King & Queen

 Rob and I were crowned Sorrentino's Garlic King & Queen Sunday night at the garlic festival.

 Ooh my word what a fun night. Crash & Mars were the King and Queen last year so they handed over their crowns and robes to us in front of a room full of people all there to eat, drink and  support a fundraising effort for the Compassion House. It is a house where women from outside of Edmonton undergoing breast cancer treatment can stay free of charge with other women. It's is a fantastic organization and now Rob and I get to help with it.

The evening was fun and the food was sensational! I met tons of new people and laughed the night away. I am going to really enjoy this royal life. We get to eat at Sorrentino's all month as often as we wish, and get to help with the main fundraising dinner in a few weeks.

I was tickled when the owners told me I looked very Italian... Clearly they are intelligent people!

I told the kids they had to start calling me Your Majesty, which, as I am sure you can imagine, went over like a lead balloon...and after about five minutes of it Nora says to me, "when can I stop this nonsense and call you mom again?"  Little stinker...

It was a wonderful night. On my way home I stopped at Walmart to pick up a few crowns for the kids. I knew once Nora saw my crown, she would want one of her own. She had reminded me once I was a queen, that did of course mean she was an actual princess.

us in the Edmonton Sun

Dinner that night was amazing!! 

Crash & Mars, Franca, Amanda and Rob

A man in a gigantic Garlic costume. 


Me, Amanda and Steph

Ooh did I mention we were on page two of the Edmonton Sun;)


I am grateful I get to be a part of things like this.

I am grateful I made it through this last week of work, I am exhausted.

I am grateful my sweet boy Gabe came and visited with me this morning before we got going for the day and talked with me.


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Percy2626 said...

We LOVE Sorenntinos! I hope you eat there a lot this month!!!!!! Where did you get the sashes for the kids from? I think my kids would like those. :D