Tuesday, April 23

Busy Weekend Part 2

Sunday after work I had been asked to emcee for a Black tie Gala for an organization that means a lot to me.

A woman named Rita had emailed me months ago asking if I would help with the ASAC  fundraiser she was putting on.  ASAC is the Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth, and I have deep personal ties to them. They helped me find a midwife and Doula when we moved to Stony Plain and was about to have Gabe.
I wrote Gabe’s birthday story and published in Birth Issues, I am still a Doula and I teach Child Birth education classes. So of course I said yes I would help. It was a fun night. 

It was a long day but I loved it. I even ran into the Doula who taught me my class 10 years ago. A few women even came up to me to tell me they have been reading my blog for years. 

Two funny things happened that night, one was when a man came up to me and introduced himself to me...his name was Joelle too. I have never met a man with my name. The second funny thing was when a couple came up to me after dinner and said, hi Joelle, or should we call you Garlic Queen Joelle...they were at the stomp too from the night before. What a small world. 

At the end of the day (around 10pm) I collapsed into my favorite chair and had a glass of red wine. I could sleep for months. 



I am grateful the weekend is over. 

I am grateful for comfortable shoes. 

I am grateful the kids have chicken pox..that means I get to spend sick days with them.  

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