Monday, April 22

Busy Weekend Part 1

I just finished the busiest weekend I have had in a very long time. I find that I will go long stretches with not much to do or to look forward to. Then, when things start to pick up and a fun activity or event is planned, BAM! out of nowhere there is 5 things all at the exact same time to do and be at. 

A few weeks ago Rob and I were crowned Sorrentino’s Garlic King and Queen and this weekend was their big fundraising dinner. It was held at the Shaw conference center and holy smokes I have never been to anything this fancy in my life.

After our regular show on Saturday I raced to Fusion to get my hair done and then home to get dressed. I arrived at the conference center and was spoiled rotten the entire evening. The food was great, everyone was so nice and really all we did was walk around the room smiling at people and talking to them about the Sorrentino’s Compassion House. I don’t think I will ever get use to the feeling of complete humility when a total stranger comes up to me to say hi and tells me they love listening to our show, how much it made them laugh or how much they enjoy reading my blog and then tell me why it meant something to them personally.  At least I hope that feeling never goes away.  

The tables were beautifully decorated and the room was warm and all the details were sharp and perfect.  Crash and Mars were the king and queen last year so we got to sit with them at our lovely table and visit all night.

The money raised at the Garlic Stomp was for the expansion project for the Sorrentino’s Compassion House (where women stay who live out of town while they undergo breast cancer treatment). The money still needed to finish the expansion came to about $250K. The emcee for the evening made a reference to this and said, “lets do something we have never done before, lets raise that money in under a minute.”
He went on to say, “All I need is 25 of you to stand up and donate $10K each…so, who is gonna help me with that?”
He gave everyone a few minutes and then said, “alright, who is with me?”
Then one by one 35 people stood up with a committed to donate 10 thousand dollars each.  I realize this might not seem like something normal people cry over but I tell you, my throat got so tight and I could not see from all the tears. It was completely overwhelming seeing that type of support for something and without much in the way of hesitation either.

The live auction began right after that and the first prize up for grabs was a 5 day Ferrari tour of Italy that went for 20K.
I chocked on my own breath! I felt like a poor bum peeking through the window of the rich families house on a cold winter night. Who’s life has this in it? Who does tours of Italy in a bloody Ferrari and hasn't spent the last 12 years of their life saving and planning for it? I giggled to myself that I bought the dress I was wearing from a consignment store and that was a big deal for me…pft..this guy just dropped 20K in 3 biggie.

What different words we live in.

One of my favorite parts of the night was the balloons. One of the companies that donated things for the evening was a jeweler   So balloons were sold for 100$ each, and in each balloon was a gift certificate for 100$ to that jewelry store, but there were a few balloons with special prizes in them. There were three balloons with % thousand dollar necklaces in them and one balloon had an all expense paid trip for two to Mexico.  So I walked up and down the tables with one of the event organizers Brandy selling these balloons to people. I thought it was so romantic when I would walk past a table and a man would gesture to me he wanted a balloon and when I walked up to the table the woman he was with face just lit up when she realized she was getting to pick a balloon.

Silly I know, but I couldn't help but think, one day I hope I find someone who would buy a balloon for me.  Then when all the balloons were sold the emcee counted down and everyone popped the balloons at once and you could hear the squeals from the women who won big prizes.  It made my heart happy and ache at the same time.

The evening ended with a dance and a silent auction. Some of the most incredible prizes I have ever seen were there. A signed guitar from the Rolling Stones was just one of the items. It was pretty fantastic!

I danced with Rob’s wife Steph for a few songs then I needed to take my sore feet home to bed so I could get up in the morning for work.
It was such a wonderful evening and I enjoyed every minute of it. I felt like Cinderella getting to step into a beautiful and slightly magical world for one night.



I am grateful Amanda was my date for the night, thank you! I really appreciate not going to things like this alone.

I am grateful I have Jenna to help me with the children. The extra fun part of this weekend I have not mentioned yet is all the kids have Chicken it rains it pours.

I am grateful for good shoes and a good bra. A girls best friends!

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Anonymous said...

Joelle, you look absolutely stunning. The dress is gorgeous on you. Hope your children are feeling better soon.