Wednesday, March 20

Lunch With Wendy

I went for lunch yesterday with my dear friend and adopted Grandmother Wendy. Wendy and I have been friends for years. An unlikely match with her pushing 70 and me 34 but we get along like I do with any of my other close girlfriends. We talk about everything and nothing and even when it has been months since our last visit we pick up right where we left off. I love Wendy. We went to my favorite place (Famoso) and like always, she ordered exactly what I do cause "it sounds good" and she has not tried that yet.

We laughed and ate while I told her some of my stories from work and from some dating experiences I have had lately. She caught me up on family and accident she had that has made it so she can no longer colour her hair the pretty red she likes so much, forcing her to accept the grey. She is such a fireball. Wendy never judges when I tell her anything and always gives practical and real advice but only when I ask for it.

When lunch was over she asked for the bill. The server came over to our table and said it had been taken care of already. She looked at me instantly and snapped, "did you pay?" Nope, I didn't pay.
The server smiled at me, she then said, "someone already took care of it for you both". Wendy was stunned and just kept saying, "I can't believe it, who would do such a nice thing?"

This is one of those unexpected and humbling blessings of my job. Sometimes people are overly generous and kind.
I felt this wash of gratitude but not so much for the meal that had been paid for, although of course I was, but in this moment more for how it made Wendy feel. She just had the biggest smile on her face and kept saying, "that was so sweet and so nice, why would someone do that for me too?" Her eyes got a little moist as well.

She grabbed her cane and kept saying thank you to the server as we walked out. Wendy drove me back home so I could have a nap before work. She told me I was loved and gave me a hug and then drove off.

It was a wonderful afternoon.


I am so thankful for whoever it was that paid for our lunch. Thank you for making Wendy feel so special and for my soup, it was delicious!

I am grateful the snow is melting.

I am grateful for moments timed right and caught on camera. God I love my little family.


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