Thursday, March 21

Happy F**king Spring Edmonton

Today I was going to go snowboarding. It is my day off and the kids are with Drew so I WAS going to go make the best of a bad situation. The bad situation being that we just got another huge dump of snow. Even though it was almost all gone, I was almost able to wear high heels to work and everything but no, it had to go and snow. Then it had to snow again, then again and yet again.


So today I am staying home. I am staying home, watching movies and baking buns and cookies. I am even grinding my own organic wheat to make the flour first....ooh yes, you did read that correctly! Look how domestic I can pretend to be when I want to.

This is normally the sort of obscure behavior I reserve for December, when the weather is horrible and you can't go anywhere...ooh wait, its Edmonton, I forgot, March and December match. Grrr!!

 I am not impressed Edmonton! Not Impressed at all! 

So instead of sitting on my deck enjoying the spring birds I will be inside tonight having a beer and folding laundry and watching TV. 


I am grateful for these bean sprouts that were sent home from school for the kids to germinate. I didn't kill them!!!! They worked!!! My kids wont be the ones who go to school saying their mom sucked!! 

I am grateful my DVD player is still working. 

I am grateful my kids get a week off school now and I get to hang out with them, laugh and play. 

I am grateful the people I love and care for are safe. Driving today is horrific! 


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