Tuesday, March 26

Fashion Show In Edmonton and Photo Creeping

Sam and I went to a fashion show this past weekend in Edmonton. Clearly when you think about fashion meccas in the world, London, Milan and Paris...Edmonton is in the top of that list. I have always wanted to go to a real fashion show during fashion week. I always dreamed NYC would be my first one, but this lady is happy with whatever she can get!

What made the night even more exciting was some of the models were from the media here in YEG both radio and television, and a few are friends of mine. It was fun to get to see everyone all dressed up and supporting such a wonderful cause (the Lois Hole woman's hospital).

The stage and catwalk


 One unexpected highlight of the evening was the men at this event. Holy CRAP there were some attractive, well dressed and exceptionally well groomed men in attendance. Sam and I scoped out a few and kept close eye on them the entire night. At one point I actually thought I might be brave enough to walk up to one guy and say hi....and that bravery quickly vanished when the opportunity presented itself.

So instead, Sam and I decided photo stalking was more our style. So for the rest of the night, we would just angle our camera in such a way to capture the hottie in the corner of the shot without having to actually put ourselves out and risk total humiliation. Brilliant plan if I do say so myself!

We got some excellent creeper shots, but the two highlights of the evening for me were:

 1) when the very attractive man I was trying to photo stalk looked up right as I was adjusting my camera to get a picture of him over my shoulder. I was so startled when I saw him looking right at the phone screen I dropped my phone on the table in front of me and burst out laughing.

2) While Sam and I were walking out the door, a man walked past me and complimented my hair. I blushed and said, "thank you" to which his response was, "no, thank YOU for letting me look at your beautiful hair". Good Heavens.. I blushed even more and walked out. Sam grabs my arm and says to me, I am pretty sure that was Jake Ryan from Virgin radio. I laughed and felt even more dumb, I had never met him and my best friend knows him, and not only does she know him SHE LISTENS TO HIM AND NOT ME! lol
So she says, can I get a picture with him?...Sure, lets go! So we walk back into the building and I walk up to him and introduce myself... my friend Sam loves you, can I get a picture of you with her?....He was very kid to let us creeps get the photo.

All in all it was a great night. Here are the spoils of our creepiness.

My photo stalk of  Ryder from HOT 107. One day if I ever meet him I want to tell him about the on line date I went on where the guy lectured me for almost 30 minutes on how to be more like him because he was his favorite. Love the hat! 
This is Sam Photo stalking Carly Kincade from 99.3 UP. I work with her, she is a doll! The best part of this picture is we could have just gotten a normal pic because I work with her, but this was more fun.

Sam with Josh Classen and Jake. 


Cute guy I was stalking...we have serious issues Sam! 

Sam got to meet Jake. 

Finishing off the evening with a photo stalk of my van. 

We ended the night with pizza from Famoso. We had laughed so hard my face hurt. I love nights like this!

After all was said and done we found one of our original photo creeps of Crash & Mars before I worked at 1023 NOW radio. Sam and I went to U2 when they were in Edmonton a few summers ago and saw them there. Sam and I clearly have issues. 


I am grateful  For Fusion Hair Salon who always do such a wonderful job of making me feel beautiful! I got so many compliments on my hair this night, I felt on top of the world! Thank you ladies! 

I am grateful for fun friends who laugh and are not embarrassed to do playful things. 

I am grateful to be invited to things like this, although I might not anymore after all this. 



Christy said...

Another one crossed off the Life's To-Do List. You go girl!

Ken said...

One the days in the summer, when you guys do your station thing at the Esk's games, I've been keeping half an eye out for you so I can creep a photo of you! So far, I've only seen Adam, but I don't really want his picture. ;)