Monday, March 25

Easter Eggs & Diabetic Comas

I did my Easter egg hunt with the kids early, they will be with Drew and R for the actual weekend, so like all exceptionally lucky children from divorced homes they get two of every holiday. I loved Easter when I was a kid. My brother Dawson and I would have the best hunts for candy and goodies. My dad Steve is super tall so he would put treats everywhere and it would take forever to find them all. It is one of my favorite traditions to pass along to my own kids.

I love watching the kids, after they get the okay to start looking, frantically scurry around the house looking for the brightly coloured treats. It always makes me think about movies, and when drug addicts are spastically searching for their drug of choice under every nook and cranny.

Then, once every egg has been found and the children are victorious, they eat themselves into type two Diabetes and a sugar coma.

It's such a great day. Pretty sure it's exactly how the holiday was intended to be celebrated.

Also, I found myself feeling rather domestic on my days off and made homemade buns. It's funny how special something as simple as buns feels now when I don't do it all the time. Things that use to be every day only happen on certain occasions now. Which makes the kids even more grateful.


I am grateful for the snow removal crew clearing the streets today.

I am grateful for exceptions.

I am grateful for the smell of fresh bread throughout the house.


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