Monday, March 11

A New Look & Book For J

My friend Sam has been annoyed with me that I have not been writing as much as I should. She enjoys when I write and has always been a hug supporter of my blog. She even went as far as to surprise me and make my blog into a book and give it too me as a gift on Friday in an attempt to get me motivated again.

It is not my entire blog, just the first year (2010). There was a lot I had to say that first year, 233 pages to be exact. I was shocked and completely overwhelmed.  I kept looking at the cover of the book when Sam gave it to me and thinking, I have a book? about me?  It was so wonderful to go back and read through it all. What a amazing gift.

Also, in an attempt to encourage my writing Sam and Jenna helped revamp the look of my blog. To match my hair of course. I love it! It feels light, soft, clean and feminine.

Thanks Sam, I needed that!


I am grateful for loving friends that come over and make you laugh.

I am grateful for support.

I am grateful for my blog feeling pretty again.


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Ken said...

Hi J!

For a second, I thought I was in the wrong place when your new page popped up. I like the fresh new look. :)

I hope that this book does indeed inspire you to write more. I know you have quite the full schedule these days, but I miss seeing your post in my reader on a regular basis.

Also, I suspect that there could be a chapter in a future book about all of those that you've inspired, just being you, to take a chance and try to start their own blogs. I know you played a big part in that regard for me, so thanks for that. :)