Tuesday, March 12

$100 Elastic Band

Yesterday I had the washing machine repair guy come over to fix my machine. It decided to stop working while full of laundry and water. Frustrating as hell, because only 3 days before I had to pay to get the computer fixed. My favorite part about being an adult is having to be responsible for everything when it breaks and you know when anything is going to break down in this house it's like a giant group revolt where, not just one thing goes quietly. No, here when something goes it takes 2 other things with it. Computer takes the washing machine, and the washing machine then brings the dryer along, the comradery between appliances in this house is admirable and frustrating at the same time.

When the appliance guy arrived the stop watch in my head started. I figured the faster I get this guy out the less it's going to cost me, so once he took his shoes off I walked him quickly down the stairs and showed him the problem. After exactly 32 seconds of hearing the noise the machine made, he bent down, undid a section of the machine and unplugged a box. Brought the box out from under the machine, opened said box and pulled out a rubber band that had wrapped itself round a turn thing (yes that is the technical term). Once the rubber band was free from the turn thing, he swiftly bent back down, put the box back inside and plugged it in, hit start and Pow! My machine worked perfectly.

1 rubber band and exactly 4 minutes of work cost me $100. Sigh...

I hate being a grown up sometimes.


I am grateful my washing machine and dryer are working now.

I am grateful I have been able to sleep okay this last week.

I am grateful the weather is getting nicer.


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ashley said...

Unreal! That's too bad!
On a better note, the new site looks great! I am a fairly new reader and I never comment, but I love your blog already!