Monday, February 4

Music That I Just Love

I just love sharing music! A statement that I am quite sure has become very clear over the years of me doing this blog. I love hearing something wonderful and telling others about it. Something magical happens in my soul when that person likes it too. Weird, but it never gets old.

I love this group, and I love their versions of songs more then the originals (most of the time).

 This was the theme song (that I loved) to the show Weeds and I love it even more that they have done it.


Last night I went and saw Muse in concert with my friends Amanda and her sister Michelle. It was such a sexy concert. The light show was excellent, the stage was clean and the whole performance was tight. I enjoyed the whole thing and I didn't even know most the the songs. Chatting with an attractive man all night helped with my the enjoyment level too.

It's a fun day for music.


I am grateful for friends who love music as much as I do.

I am grateful for my beautiful son Gabe.

I am grateful for being reminded every once in a while that I might still have something to offer and that this woman is still in fact, a desirable woman.


Leah M said...

Of COURSE you are are still, in fact, a desirable woman! Don't ever, ever sell yourself short!
Crazy Lady....

J said...

lol, What I mean is, I have been told. Yeah sure, that's great...but when a man makes you FEEL that is wonderful!