Monday, February 11

Music Monday

Last night was the Grammys and for work related reasons I watched the entire show. I enjoyed them immensely. My favorite performance was when Adam Levine and Alicia Keys sang their new songs together in a mash up sort of thing. It was fantastic. There is no good videos of it up yet, but when there is I will post it. Until then Ill just do Alicia's song.

Alicia Keys-Girl on Fire

Throughout the night I was chatting with a friend and sharing music. He sent this one and I kind of liked it.

Sleigh Bells -Riot Rhythm

Also, for new music, someone at work requested this and I thought it was interesting enough to share.
I had heard this band last year, I am not a huge fan of this sound, but someone might be. Enjoy!

(Just a heads up to anyone with little ones, this is explicit)

Die Antwoord- Fatty Boom Boom


I am grateful for sleep. After this weekend I was so exhausted I almost fell asleep driving home Sunday.

I am grateful age does seem, as of now, to be just a number.

I am grateful for sunny days.


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