Friday, February 1

Happy Pet Owner

I woke up yesterday and found this in my living room.

I am not exactly sure what I thought having a pet would be like, but for some reason home destruction did not cross my mind. I keep telling myself she is still only a puppy, and I know in the grand schema things plants are better then, lets say, my shoes. Still I can't help but feel annoyed with her destructive cameos.

Ooh I forgot to mention she also runs away. She has done it three times now. Someone will leave the door open for just a second too long and out she bolts. The thing I am most concerned about with her running away is all three times she has done it it has been in -20 weather. Is living with me really that awful that you would rather risk death (or limb amputation) than a life with me?

Otherwise things are pretty normal around here. I hate this time of year and find it a huge struggle to keep smiling. I am learning the more Alberta winters I make it through that a beach vacation is fast becoming a must if I plan to keep my head screwed on. Until that time comes when money is falling from the sky, I will tough it out like I do every year.  (Sorry to all of my friends)


I am grateful for friends to go to movies with. I didn't think that it would be a scary movie so I am not only sorry for being embarrassing and having my ears and face covered the entire movie, I am sorry for being a even more embarrassing with how I was sitting, but I assure you crouching down in your seat when a scary part is about to happen does indeed make you feel safer. At least I was not grabbing at your arm. I wont pick the movie next time.

I am grateful that my dryer is still working. I can feel it in my bones that it wont last much longer, but every day it is still turning I am grateful for.

I am grateful for my friends. I know when I need you guys it seldom is between the hours of 9-5 yet you always call back to talk and always know how to make me laugh. Thanks.


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