Tuesday, February 5

Age Is Just A Number Right?

So there is this guy...

Before I continue any further I just want to say that it is my goal to start at least 2 more blog posts this year with this exact sentence, but in a good way, not how I wrote them last year.

So, back to this guy...There is this guy, who I have been chatting with, and the point of this blog is one simple question. Does age matter?

I am 34. I am happy with my age. I feel like I understand myself really well and I am getting comfortable in my own skin. 34 is happy and confident-ish. 34 doesn't have any noticeable wrinkles on her face yet, and her skin is pretty clear. 34 still has white teeth not just a shade of white. 34 drinks lots of water and is mature enough to not get upset over silly things anymore. 34 could workout more, but who couldn't? 34 has some grey hair, but she dresses well, is very stylish and can carry on a conversation. 34 can talk to anyone and feels comfortable in almost any situation. 34 reads good books and works hard and knows where she is going in this life. 34 has big dreams and has come such a very long way.

Why is 34 surprised that someone younger might possibly be interested in her? 34 does not need to be so skeptical about intentions does she? Why is 34 surprised that younger is polite and funny, charming and handsome? Does 50 have a problem with 40? I can't see why, so what is 34's issue?

34 can sometimes over think things a little, she knows that about herself, but 34 needs to just relax because 25 just wants coffee. 

Age is just a number, right?


I am grateful for friends that make me laugh.

I am grateful for iced tea. There are few things in life as delicious and thirst quenching as iced tea!

I am grateful for warm winter days and things to look forward to this weekend.



Anonymous said...

Where did u meet? What does he do?

Anonymous said...

Age is just a number. But if you are really worried....(Your age divided by 2) + 7 = 24. 24 is the youngest you go before people go hmmmm.....Yahooo; he is within range. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the people who come into your life. We learn from every experience. Just live and see where things go.