Monday, January 28

MM To A Horrible Weekend

This weekend has been exhausting. I had to take the parenting after separation class which was about as happy as a funeral and as fun as a tour of a slaughter house. The only good thing that came from the entire weekend was this song, but I can't buy it off iTunes yet because it is only available in the US, so even the best thing still kind of sucks.

This weekend was horrible and I want to go back to bed.

Snowship- Benjamin Francis Leftwich


I am grateful my house pipes did not burst this weekend when my house was freezing.

I am grateful my kids are safe.

I am grateful this weekend is over.


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Anthony Mills said...

I remember that class. It was like taking that class at the hospital before you have a kid where they go over all of the incredible number of things that can go wrong. Watching all those videos of kids wilting was just soul-crushing.

I can summarize that class very easily: Being separated can stress you out. Being stressed out can make you a total dick. Please try to avoid that, mmmkay?

Still, you wonder what things would be like if they could tell happy stories. That kids are resilient. That with distance you can have a much better relationship with that person you can't imagine living with, and your kids will appreciate the lower amount of stress. That sort of thing. Focus on the positive a bit more.