Sunday, January 6

Family Picture

Sunday night and I am alone listening to music. My house is semi clean and the dog is eating a bone she got for Christmas. I am wearing my comfy pants and I really want to go wash off my make up right now. I went back to work this weekend and I am tired. Tired because I didn't get much sleep Friday night or last night, I didn't sleep well because I was so excited to get back to work.

I really missed it.

These last two weeks have been interesting. I lost a friend, I had coffee with my ex-husbands new girlfriend (I'll talk more about this later), I spent time with my parents and my brother, had dinner with my girlfriends from Strathmore and had WAY too much time alone. It was nice but it was too long. (That's what she said)

One of the best things that came from this Christmas holiday was the time with my kids, man they are really great and they make me smile. Our vacation was nice, but I am glad it is back to normal now.


I am grateful for how happy my crew and I are.

I am grateful for being out of the baby stage. I watch my friends going through it and I feel such relief that part of life is over.

I am grateful for getting a picture with my family!


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