Tuesday, January 29

Canadian Children

It is cold here today. It is REALLY cold here today. Today it is -27 and with the windchill it is closer to -40. My ankle and knee were achy this morning and I didn't want to get out of bed. When I did, the children instantly began debate if it was cold enough to not have to go to school today.
"It's too cold mom, please let us stay home". Listen, I think its pretty cold too, but you already have Thursday off so I don't want you to miss too much. I was not sure the exact temp that a school closure would happen so I called Melanie.

"Is it too cold, is the school closed"? I asked her. "I don't know either, look on the school website" she said.

ooh yeah, the website!

There it was in black and white, printed for all to see, the guidelines of Canadian child abuse. Why do people even live where there is a possibility of the temperature getting to -50 let alone send our children outside? But we do, and we will continue to because it is one of the beautiful parts of Canada. It's what makes this place and its people so great.



I am grateful for a warm home, food and a comfortable bed.

I am grateful I am feeling better from this past weekend.

I am grateful that there is still fun to be had when it's this cold out. Ice Clouds are so fun and can be really pretty if you add food coloring to the boiling water.

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