Friday, October 5

She Is Completely My Child!

For Nora's birthday I took her to the mall. It is what she wanted to do, and to be honest I really enjoyed that all she wanted was to spend time together with me. When we got to the mall she knew exactly where she wanted to go and what she wanted as a gift...the Disney store and a new princess dress. 

She took about 30 minutes to pick everything out that she wanted. It was almost as much fun for me as it was for her. 
After we got her the dress we walked around and just looked at things and talked. We saw Stingrays and penguins and shopped for shoes, it was a wonderful afternoon. While we were walking around the shops Nora saw a little photo booth and asked if she could get her picture taken. The closer we got to the booth I noticed it was not a standard one that just took pictures, it was one that sketches the picture after it's taken. I had no problem with that request, Nora looked so beautiful that I totally understood her wanting to remember this birthday with a special picture. I read the instructions and and had her position herself just right for the pictures and when I counted to three, I pushed the button to take the picture. The photo booth took three pictures and then she could pick from the thee which one was drawn. Lovely and elegant Nora chose this to be the one shot that is immortalized...

When it came out of the printer I was laughing so hard I had to sit down. She is such a funny kid!!! I kept thinking about the Goonies every time I looked at it! "Heeey youuuu guyyys"! 

There is no doubt that this child is mine! She would walk up to people and they would say, "ooh you look so pretty" and then she would show them the picture, I was laughing watching their faces! She is something! 


I am grateful for how much this little girl makes me smile and laugh. 

I am grateful for sweaters. 

I am grateful for how much she understands humor.