Thursday, September 27

Maury Povich, Doggie Style

I bought a DNA test for Molly today. I figured it was about time I know what kind of dog she actually is. I always feel like a horrible pet owner when people ask "what kind of dog is she?" and I just shrug my shoulders and say," I don't know".

Depending on the mood I am in, and how disgusted they look at me that I don't know such things, I might also throw in there...if I know what kind she is will it change how much she enjoys spending all day locked in the bathroom?

I followed the instructions carefully and filled everything out, so in about 3 weeks I will know what exactly Molly is. Fingers crossed she is a Dalmatian, I always wanted one of those. I can't wait for the "Who's your daddy reveal" It's so Maury Povich!


I am grateful for helpful people.

I am grateful for days off.

I am grateful for how good I feel when I run.