Wednesday, September 5

And We Were Late On The First Day.

School just started on Tuesday, and I thought I was ready. I was pretty sure I was ready, but it wasn't until the morning of the first day I realized I was not as prepared as I had though.

The alarm went off at 6am and I started to get ready, my plan was if I got ready first I could help the boys with what they needed. I did not think for one second that along with regular morning duties I was going to have to contend with a "first zit" which meant the total and complete end of the world.
(Name withheld of blemish child for obvious reasons)

Being the mom, I could not help but laugh a little, cause of course he would get a zit on his first day.. Murphys law right? But this was no laughing matter! This was a serious situation that needed immediate attention. He even said, "thank goodness you were an EMT once!" Because clearly medical knowledge on how to keep a heart pumping and lungs filling with air is the equivalent of pimple disposal to a preteen boy.

I did everything shy of makeup and in the end I think it was okay. I even helped him make up a fabricated account of how, while on his hiking trip this past weekend he was hit in the face by a low hanging branch. It seemed to calm his bruised ego and I think he felt it was a decent cover story.

After we dealt with the villainous acne, I was flat ironing all the boys hair. *facepalm*

Now, I am sure this should not have come a surprise, my boys are getting to be that age where they are caring more and more about their appearances, but I was shocked at how long it took the three of them collectively to get their hair "just right" that first morning! Good Heavens! I don't take that long to get ready! By the time we finally got everyone dressed, fed, groomed and out the door it was already 10 minutes past the start time for school. We still had to find classrooms and get everyone settled.

By the time everyone was dropped off, organized and seated in their respective rooms I was sweating and out of breath! Because of course all three boys had classrooms one opposite ends of the school.

When I was finished  and felt like everyone was okay Nora and I walked back to the car (She doesn't start until Friday) I passed a few parents crying. I was not crying, but I once had. One time I was that mom. When I was so scared that my baby was going into a place where I no longer had total control. I once cried when the realization hit me that my voice would no longer be the only voice they cared about, and viewed as valid. I cried when I thought they would be exposed to people who might not care for them as much as I did.

But on Monday morning when I was walking past those parents I couldn't help but smile, because I know how they are feeling, but I also know how they will feel in the not to distant future, and I am happy for them to experience that too!  The complete joy and total elation when they realize they can now go have a nap and eat food without being interrupted or having to share. They can have coffee with friends, or if they want, they can go to work. The first day of school is not a day to cry, it is the day parents should be leaving the school elated and overjoyed! Kicking their heals and singing songs of freedom and praise. "It takes a village to raise a child, and now form 9 am until 3pm  Mrs.Harrison is in charge of that village and not me!"


I am grateful for teachers. I joke, but I respect them immensely. Teachers mold and shape, inspire and cultivate. So to you teachers, my promise at the beginning of this new school year is: I will always make sure you can do your job properly by me doing mine. I promise to always makes sure they are well rested before I send them your way. I will always send them on time and I will never send them to your class sick either.
I will always make sure they are fed well, and sent with enough to eat all day. I promise I will do my best to respect you by making sure they do the work you send home, and I will try really really hard to not loose any library books this year. Thank you for what you do.