Monday, September 3

Food, Food, Food, With A Side Order Of Music.

The Children go back to school tomorrow, and I could not be more nervous for them. A new school year is always exciting, but filled with so much work. In an attempt to start the new year off right I decided because it was my last weekend off before Rob and I go back to working weekends, and because the children were away, I would spend the long weekend cooking and preparing meals so I could be a little further ahead when the crazy rush of school started. I began my flurry of cooking Friday night and have not stopped until this morning. In the space of these 3 days I have made an obscene amount of food. More than I was intending and more than my poor little freezer could hold. I made Lasagnas, stuffed cannelloni, I cooked a turkey and stripped it and made soup, I made turkey pot pies, pizzas, cream of broccoli soup, ratatouille, pork roasts, bolognase sauce...and that's only some of it.

The one thing I am most proud of is considering how much I was actually using a knife this weekend, I only had one injury. I went to the hospital to get my finger stitched but decided waiting 2 hours was not an effective use of time, so super glue and band-aids have done the trick.

All in all it was a successful weekend of preparedness. I even managed to pick up the last of the school supplies.

Throughout the weekend I have found a few new songs to share. Having spent so much time in the kitchen this weekend I really bonded with the shuffle button on my iPhone and let me just tell you, I have some real gems in my music collection that I had forgotten about!

This one for example!

And this one too.


 I found this one in in my favorite store...Anthropology! I absolutely LOVE it!


Sunday I asked people on twitter to tell me what they were listening to at that moment, and this one came in.


It was a great weekend for music. I hope all the parents have a wonderful week sending the little ones back to school. I told my kids after all the money I spent on them this weekend to become educated, they better get the highest marks in class or they have to pay me back for everything, plus interest!


I am grateful for good band-aids.

I am grateful for sweater and boot weather. Fashion wise, it's my favorite time of year!

I am grateful I found a person to help with childcare! A huge weight is lifted off my shoulders now!

I'm all ready, bring on the new year!