Monday, July 30

Music Monday To Sing To.

I have arrived in BC. The children and I had a wonderful trip and made "good time". "Made good time" is not a term I would ever use normally, but once arriving and talking to my dad and cousin Chris, my uncles and the male neighbour I have become accustomed to using this term and answering in the affirmative when asked about my long drive. To men this is clearly a sigh of a successful trip. "making good time" is some how a measurement of ones manhood, abilities and overall worth in this life? As a woman, I based the success on the fact I did not get lost, no one was left (by accident or on purpose) at any of the 10 stops we made along the way, the van did not break down and of course, at no point did I get frazzled and drive off a cliff. But as I am learning time and time again, men and women are ooh so different.

My family sleeping arrangement are quite different this year too. Instead of the lavish trailer Nora and I are sleeping in the back of the van and the boys are in the tent... I have not slept this well in months!

Everyone is having a wonderful time. I feel fantastic. This place is magical.

Here are a few songs that kept me company during the drive. Enjoy!

And of course no trip of mine is complete without Ingrid.

I am grateful for water. Water to drink, play in and watch early in the morning before boats upset it. When it is glass like and still, it is hypnotising.

I am grateful I have been able to listen to music, not prep to talk after, not figure out what to say about each song, just listen and sing to.

I am grateful just as I am finishing typing this the hot sun has emerged from behind a cloud and is calling us down to the lake.