Friday, July 27

24 hours

In less then 24 hours the children and I will be headed west. I can't wait. I can hear my special spot on the end of the bright red dock calling me. I can hear the huge willow trees beckoning me to walk under them or read a book and rest while the wind plays soft sweet songs through the leaves. I can't wait to breath in the thick humid air. My happy and safe place is waiting for me and I am doing my best to hurry and get there. I know I will find my smile again there. I know when I arrive everything will slow down and make more sense. I know when I get there the last bits of me that still hurt once in a while will heal more. There is something inside of me that feels at home in the valley of mountains with a huge lake and fruit trees that I can't explain.
Stress is an uninvited guest there, and is not welcome on the boat. I have no idea why sitting on the boat with the wind wiping my hair around makes me so happy, or why the complete terror of watching my children get tossed around like dolls on a inflated tube brings total bliss. But it does.

Everyone should have a happy place. Everyone should have somewhere in the word that gently calls them back time and time again. My special place has her work cut out for her this time, there is a lot I need her to fix, but I know she can handle it. We have an understanding.
I do my part by sharing her with my children so they will know where to find peace and calm in this world, and she dries my tears, fixes me when I am broken, fills up my bucket and sends me home able to carry on until I return again next year.

I can't wait!



I am grateful for time off.

I am grateful the children are home tonight! I have missed them so badly.

I am grateful.