Thursday, July 12

Stage 2..Acceptance

Alright, everything is clear now and I feel better. Maybe not better, but I feel like I can move forward without glancing back over my shoulder anymore wondering. Wondering if there was hope and still the possibility for my story to end in together. But it's not going to, and I feel better. I feel better because I think the worst place for me to ever be is stuck inside of my own head. I think and rethink and hope and "what if", and "maybe someday"....nope. All done. It's so done I can change my status on Facebook. THAT is how done it is.

That thunder storm last night was fantastic. I just laid in bed watching it out my window and thinking what happens next for me. Where do I go now? What do I really want?

It was a good night for me. Big girl panties are pulled up. I have taken a few big breaths and I am headed out. I am going to work and I am doing it today with a smile. 'Cause who knows, today just might be the day something really wonderful happens to me. Or even better, today might be the day I get to help someone else feel better.  And because I am no longer feeling so self absorbed, I wont miss my opportunity if someone needs me. 


I am grateful for all of this. 

I am grateful for feeling strong and in control again. 

I am hopeful that one day it will be my turn.