Wednesday, July 11

Sedate me PLEASE!

I rented two funny movies last night. I was told they were funny by a few people, I was assured they were funny by the lady who I rented them from and the really tall boyfriend of said lady swore to me on his life that it was HILARIOUS and that I would laugh all night long. So then why did I cry through the entire show of 21 Jump Street? I didn't even laugh when the penis was shot off! WTH??!!

Ooh ya, because I am losing my mind and I need to be sedated. I even made myself a beautiful dinner and that did not help. What the HELL is wrong with me?? 



I am grateful for my friend Matty at work who assures me I am normal and this is what normal people feel.

I am grateful I got to sleep in today.

I am grateful for the sunshine.