Monday, May 28

And The Growing Continues

This week has been so jam packed with growth I am getting stretch marks. Today might be the biggest day so far. Today my family of 5 plus Maclean (so 6) will go from driving this.. driving this!

"How is that going to work?" you ask.
Excellent question! To be frank, it's not. If we have to go anywhere all together for the next month we are going to need to borrow my friends truck. But for how much I am now driving into the city every week (7-10 times) it was the best choice available. I was spending around $200-$300 a week on gas with Beth. The new car (named Lois) should cost me me about $50 a week . When I brought Lois home to test drive with all the kids, they were not really impressed but after explaining "we all make sacrifices as a family" and telling them what it all means, they took it well. We all agreed we can do this, so once again I took a big breath and did it. I have traded in style, comfort and ease for practicality. At least it's a standard, that makes it more fun.

For Music Monday I have picked out a few that sum up the week I have had. It's been up and down but when the smoke cleared my feet are still planted firmly on the ground and I am still pointed forward walking with the people who I should be.


I am grateful for phone calls and apologies, understanding and second chances.

I am grateful for finally waking up without a headache once this week.

I am grateful for money saved and less spent on gas!!!!!!!!!