Tuesday, May 1

I Got Shot At Today

Well, maybe not exactly "shot" but it definitely sounded like a gun shot. When I was driving to the airport to pick up my cousin Maclean (who is going to stay with me to help with the kids until school is over) I was on the back road from Devon and a semi truck passed me and BANG!! my windshield blew up and sprayed glass all over the inside of my truck.

Stupid rock!! I have not even payed for my other truck repair. Grrr...just my luck!

But in fairness, It doesn't ruin the fact that MACLEAN is here!!!


I am so grateful for my cousin who is here. I could cry, now that she is here I feel relaxed about working and feel like I can focus completely on the job I have to do. Its ice knowing my children are well cared for.

I am grateful for peace of mind. Its a wonderful thing.

I am grateful no one was in the passenger seat when this rock hit.