Monday, April 30

Wash Of A Day

Today I felt unable to do everything I wanted to and needed to very well.

I did not feel like I was a very good mom, unable to concentrate and give the children the time they wanted from me, because I was trying to concentrate on my job so I could do a better job for tomorrows show, but was unable to do that because I felt like a complete failure as a Doula and a friend, having not taught what was needed....

Today was a total wash and I just came home and cried. I cried because I am still not ready for my cousin who arrives in the morning, I was not ready for childrens dinner, or lunches, or laundry or ANYTHING!!!

So I am off to bed, to rest and try again tomorrow. Cause doing all this and trying to do it well is going to take practice and hard work.
So after more tears tonight, I shall do my best to do better.

Big breath..



I am grateful for sleep and a new day to try again.

I am grateful for Tylenol and Kleenex.