Thursday, April 26

Old Joelle Is A Cleaning Freak

Today the old Joelle returned for a brief visit. The old Joelle was a cleaning freak but since my climbing accident I have not been able to clean like I used to. But today I was motivated and to make it even more tempting to clean, it was raining. I used to love cleaning when in was cold out.

I want to get everything ready for my cousin who is coming Tuesday to help me with the kids. I wanted my house to be so clean it sang again.

I was cleaning like a super freak when I got to Nora's room. I was ruthless, nothing was safe. I cleaning everything! I even washed the floors by hand.

Nothing was left, until I saw this...

 I might have left this little drawing Nora did on her wall. It was cute.



I am grateful for how wonderful a clean house smells!

I am grateful for feeling accomplished.

I am grateful for this months Jamie Oliver magazine.