Wednesday, April 25

Screaming From The Bathroom

I was downstairs working on the computer, it was a rather normal afternoon at home with Nora. She went upstairs to use the restroom as she often does. (nothing too exciting so far in this post, I know)
When out of nowhere I hear a blood curdling scream and her calling MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!

I bolted out of my chair and took the set of 7 stairs to the bathroom in two leaps to find a blonde little girl completely losing her marbles on the toilet pointing to the far wall saying GET IT! GET IT!

This is what I found

 I could not help but giggle to myself. Well done sweetie you handled that like a champ! Of course I had to go back down stairs and get my camera to take a picture then take care of it. BTW she would not get off the toilet until it was gone!



I am grateful for a wonderful boss who is easy to talk to and is helpful.

I am grateful for excellent childcare.

I am grateful for working out, and how good it feels.