Wednesday, March 28

It's Spring time again!

It's spring time again and you know what that means.....Motorcycles!!!

On my way home today from my staff meetings and air check I was driving with my sunroof open and music blaring when out of nowhere two motor bikes drove past. My heart skipped a beat. I think I am ready to re-add something to my bucket list.

Get my motorcycle license and get a bike.

I have always wanted a bike, for as long as I can remember. My Dad Steve has had a bike most of my life, and I loved riding it with him. Two years ago my mom, brother Dawson and I were all going to go get our license together for my birthday, but about a week before my birthday my dad John rolled a quad on himself and ended up in the ICU with a broken head and a brain needless to say our motorbike adventures were put on hold.

But I think the time has once again come!

Sigh..I really want a bike!



I am grateful for the ridiculousness that the town I live in is going to to make our garbage collection a more efficient process. I love the 4 different bins I have, all the different bags and the endless lists of what can go in to what container...OMG!!! It's like a freaking full time job!!!! But I am feeling better about doing more for the environment.

I am grateful for how good loud music feels while the sunroof is open and the sun is on my neck.

I am grateful for loving and unexpected comments on my blog. So kind and thoughtful! It brightened my day!