Friday, March 23

No Wonder I Feel The Way I Do About My Body.

My friend Natasha sent me this today. I am often in a hurry during the day, running from the moment I wake to the minute my head hits the pillow. It's hard to find even a minute in the day to read the poems she sends, or watch the videos she wants me to see. Until my 2 days off; then I play catch up with everything and spend at least 2 hours reading watching, laughing and learning.

Today was a good and poignant learning day. I have been very open about my constant battle with my weight/self image/self worth issues. It is a demon I hope to be rid of one day. Not so much that I hope I am never over weight again...I mean yes I do hope that, but more than that I want to see myself for what I really am, regardless of the size of jeans I am wearing at that moment. I want to pass on healthy and non self desstructive habits to my daughter. I want my boys to see women the way every mother hopes, and that they will find women as intellectually stimulating as they do physically.

Now, I will preface these videos by saying, get comfy. They are not quick. I think in total they are about 30 minutes. But they are amazing. They will shock you and possibly make you angry, but if you are a women, know a woman, came from a woman, birthed or helped make a woman (to be) or are married to one you need to watch these.

It took me a few hours to really come to terms with what I saw in those videos too.
Pleas let me know what you thought.



I am grateful for the good friends my kids have. They are darling children and it makes me happy they hang with a good crowd.

I am grateful for how soothing good food can be.

I am grateful for perspective!