Thursday, March 22

Another Fine Example Of Superior Supervision

I received a phone call from my son's teacher telling me he forgot his lunch kit at home, and could I please bring it to him so he does not starve today. The request seemed reasonable. Inconvenient; but reasonable. I grabbed his Batman lunch kit and headed to the school which is exactly 2 minutes and 45 seconds away.

Once I arrived at the school and found his class, he came walking up to me from the other side of the hallway with (as always) a huge smile on his beautiful face. His over-sized, tooth filled smile always puts me in a great mood, but there was a "flip-slap" noise that distracted me from his face. When I looked down in the direction of the strange noise, I saw my son's shoe (or rather,what was left of it) torn apart. The sole was almost completely detached from the actual shoe and it would flip under when he walked, causing his entire bare foot to touch the floor with each step.

Now, normally I would be writing about something like this for sheer entertainment, but the reason for the post sadly is far from entertaining.

The reason I am writing about this is because when Seth walked up to me in the hall way I asked him to remove his shoe and hand it to me. When he did this, I lifted it up and with a very puzzled look on my face showing the teacher in an "ooh my heck what happened here " sort of way. Instead of laughing with me, she actually lifted her hands up in the air and said to me, like a child who just got caught with his hands in the cookie jar...."I didn't do it!"

I was stunned and rather annoyed by her response. Then, to add insult to injury, the teachers assistant walked in at that moment, and seeing me holding up the destroyed shoe laughs and says, "I have been laughing about that shoe all week."

ALL WEEK??!!!!! WHAT??!!!!

I am furious now, "Why on earth have you not sent this shoe home when you first noticed it so I could replace it for him?"
Both women are staring at me with blank looks on their faces

"Hello?" Ladies "Why is he still wearing these shoes, clearly you noticed, I am not asking you to parent my children, but a simple helping hand when I cant see something that needs to be know the whole "it takes  a village mentality?"

Blank stares continue...

The teacher again repeats to me, "I didn't do it!"

I think at this point the assistant could sense my anger and annoyance so in an attempt to defuse the situation she says to me, "I think the glue must have separated for the shoe."


So, as calmly as I could, I asked if next time they see my child in need of shoes, or if he happened to find himself on fire, or maybe if he chokes on food, or maybe if he complains of abdominal pain and ends up in an ambulance needing his appendix removed; could you please call me to let me know....if it's not too much trouble, even if you are not the one who lights him on fire.

After it was all done, I could not help but wonder if this seemed strange to anyone else? Does it not seem strange that the teacher did not send the shoes home with a little note saying, "its time for new shoes"?

I was vexed all day.



I am grateful for the snow. I don't really like it, but being grateful is better then complaining.

I am grateful for Mel, who without fail is home to chat when I need her even for 5 minutes.

I am grateful it is almost Natasha's birthday, I enjoy finding obnoxious things to send her to make her feel special.