Tuesday, February 28

My Life Is Boring and needs... Trash TV?

Tonight at work a caller/texter phoned in to tell me my life is boring and I need entertainment. She told me she felt bad for me cause I have all those kids and that what would help my life out would be to watch a TV show called Steve Wilkos (it's a Jerry Springer type of show)  I responded to it by saying I am too busy and feel my time is worth more than to waste it watching TV that makes me feel gross.

Also this week I had a girl ask me (very loudly and openly in subway while I was getting my salad) "I heard you and Drew are getting a divorce, gasping she continues I had no idea?" I was stunned cause Nora was standing with me and this girl clearly could care less about the volume of her questioning and that other patrons could hear her, not to mention my little girl.

I was called a Dyke by someone on the shout box on our works web page (another form of interacting with listeners) and asked if I was gay a few times from texters.  Another text I received last night at work told me to shut up about being a single parent and was told "no one gives a rats ass." There were a few other things I was called and told during my  week..but we will stick to these for tonight.

Today my blog post is about having thick skin.

Interacting with an ex is not easy. Getting to solely field all the questions from nosy people who I hardly know regarding my personal life is not easy. This job is not always the easiest thing for me. Openly and publicly allowing strangers to judge me NOT EASY ...ugh. I am by nature a fairly open person and have no trouble at all sharing with people rather personal things. What I am quickly learning is that not everyone you share those things with will be kind or gentle with you or the information. I am learning it is mandatory to develop thicker skin, or try to anyways.
It amazes me sometimes how sensitive I become over some of these things. I have been talking to a friend of mine about this exact thing and he says I need to shake it off, to not allow things like this to bother me and I need to learn to not let it ruin my day.

So here it is, and I am being so very serious. HOW DO YOU NOT LET THINGS LIKE THIS BOTHER YOU???

Tell me how you do it, I am listening taking detailed notes and will try anything and everything. How do I go about not letting things like this bother me?  How do I stop being sensitive?  I am not looking to be coddled  I seriously want answers..okay my friends, help me out here!  Give me the tools I need, cause this raw skin better toughen up quick or its gonna be ugly!



I am grateful for the cooking video I watched the other that taught me how to make mushroom sauce. Today I made it and it was amazing!!!

I am grateful for having so much help with my children so I can go to work.

I am grateful for good sleeps and new days.