Friday, February 24

Where is the Genies lamp

While Nora and I walked around the mall today having a special day and going to build a bear, we were just finishing up and heading back to the entrance we came into when a gentleman walked past wearing a beautiful blue turban.

Nora said, "Mom, look at that genie!"

I was stunned at the never ending stuff that comes out of this child's mouth.

I said, "Nora, that is not a genie, that man wears that hat to show the promises he made to Heavenly Father." (the best way I could explain it to a 4 year old.)

She said with a very annoyed look on her face, "No mom! it's a genie! I just watched Aladdin this morning, I wonder where him lamp is!"



I am grateful for breakfast for dinner.

I am grateful for freshly waxed eyebrows.

I am grateful for new face wash. It makes me feel wonderful.