Wednesday, February 22

Safeway Shoplifter

After a very long day at work today I headed home to a sick child. I could barely keep my eyes open through parts of today, I can for see Wednesdays in the office a rough day having worked until midnight the night before.

On my way home I ran into the Safeway to grab some ginger ale and while I was walking up and down the isles I saw a man in a scally cap arresting another man and actually putting handcuffs on him.
It was all pretty quiet, no one was saying anything and I did not stand there and stare, but as I walked past and watched this very unassuming man get a pair of handcuffs put on him in the middle of isle 3 I could not help but look more than once.

So here is what ran through my head at that very moment. I am sure many of you would feel like, "Yeah, get him!  The bastard makes the prices higher for the rest of us," and you might be correct in thinking that way.

Others might feel like "stupid klepto got what was coming to him," and that might be correct too.
But me, I saw him and my heart broke. I don't know why but I felt so sorry for him. Sorry that he is publicly humiliated like this, sorry that maybe he is tight on money and felt this was his only choice, sorry that if he had a wife that he was going to have to make a phone call and tell her this. That his kids might know, I just felt sick for him. I felt sad for that man who might not be able to afford the groceries he needed for his family. I am not sure why but that's what I thought

Here's the thing, we have all been in situations in our lives where we were faced with shit decision A or shit decision B. I have been there. I have (in the not so distant past been so tight for money that I literally had my last $100 and was in desperate need of gas, food and something for my children and payday was not for 5 more days that I cried as I decided how much went where) Sometimes being a grown up sucks.

I even remember one time when I had just had my second son and we were living paycheck to paycheck and my child needed finger nail clippers, and I remember going to Walmart and almost crying because I had the conscience thought "I don't even have $5 to get these....but I could just put them in my pocket and no one would know," except I would know, and that is the single reason I didn't. But to clarify, not every decision in my life I have made has been a good one, and remembering the times my choices were less than stellar made me want to walk past the little group of people that were standing there watching this man get taken away, whispering to each other their shock and say, "you have no idea why he did this so don't speculate, assume or judge!". So carry on your business, go get your bran granola bars, your milk and Greek yogurt and your deli sliced meat and stop staring. We have all made mistakes...carry on.

I just felt bad for the guy.



I am grateful that my son Gabe who lost the blank & signed check I sent with him to school today for a field trip did not in fact lose it, after a small heart attack and a flash of having to tell my ex what had happened and that our joint account possibly could get drained, the check was found by Nora who admitted to stealing it from Gabe's backpack "cause it was funny".  Ooh she is a gem!

I am grateful for sleep and homemade soup for sick ones in my house.

I am grateful I finally got a t-shirt from work, as ridiculous as it might seem...  I really like it!