Monday, February 20

What A Week

This might be the most tired I have felt in a while. In an attempt to get to know each other better and to learn to work together well, my new co host Rob and I have been scheduled to work together every day for 7 days straight, and lets just say it has been interesting. There have been a few tears on my part but over all it has been good.

Learning to work with new people is always exciting and challenging. Everyone has their own style and way of doing things. I believe a work relationship is no different then a romantic relationship in some regards (please keep in mind Rob is engaged to a lovely woman, so I mean no disrespect). For example you need to be understanding, forgiving, patient and willing to give more than you take. You need to take into consideration the other person's back ground in life as well. And the most important thing, let things go that are not a big deal.

 Like I said, these last 7 days have been interesting. Choppy, sometimes awkward and uncomfortable but there were a few time yesterday and today that I would dare go as far to say were absolutely bloody brilliant.

I have seen after working together for these last few days, the potential that our boss saw in us together, and it is really exciting. I have only seen it in spurts..but I have seen it.

I have worked so much I have not even had time to write.

I trust with time the rest of the proverbial kinks Rob and I have will work themselves out. I look forward to seeing how well we work together when we are both pressed well.


I am unbelievably grateful for the kind texter this weekend that read my blog and wrote me the sweetest message this weekend at work. I was so touched by his words that I felt teary. I am and forever will be shocked when people tell me they read my blog. It is the most incredible compliment when someone tells me they used their valuable time to read about me. I will never understand, but I am thankful!

I am grateful for my friend who helped me pick out a pair of new jeans after work Monday. I have gained weight, a lot of weight, and I can't seem to shake it. My struggle with weight is a brutal demon of mine and it never seems to go away. I needed new pants because nothing fits, it is disheartening and I just want to cry. So thank you for helping me pick out some and reminding me it won't last forever. I hope you are right.

As a side note to that weight thing, why can't women see their value is not related to their waist line or number on a scale. The problem with me is when I am smaller, I understand this concept, when I am bigger I forget it.

I am grateful for my dear friend Sam, who watched my kids on family day so I could go to work. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

And last, I am grateful for Sam and Dean who took me to the PBR this weekend. Not only did they get me tickets for Christmas they both even cheered and clapped when I know they could hardly stand it. You are good friends to me!