Friday, February 10

Bonding Night With My Kids.

Tonight, after I spent a delightful day with my kids I put Nora to bed and stayed up to talk with my boys. I do this every once in a while, allow them the freedom to stay up late and to talk about anything they want. Tonight the topics were swearing, divorce and kissing girls.

While chatting about girls, I asked Ethan if boys in his class were talking about kissing girls yet. 
Ethan said that yes, boys do talk about it in his grade. 
Seth piped up and says, "mom, I have not kissed a girl yet. it's gross and I don't want to." He then said very sternly," I have even had night mares about kissing girls"

Ethan replies very quickly, "One mans nightmare, another mans dream!"


I am grateful I was able to watch the Alberta Winter Games today with the kids. We all really enjoyed it. 

I am grateful for hair day!

I am grateful for how wonderful my children are and how happy they make me.