Friday, February 3

Boxing Fixes Everything

Well I can't say I am surprised. I figured the unrestricted allowance to beat the total sh*t out of a punching bag would make me feel better about everything, and sure enough it did! Working hard, sweating, and getting out every drop of frustration and tension in my body was complete exhilaration!
I enjoyed my hour more then I have ever enjoyed any workout ever! Bobby is a good woman. I found a new happy place.

I got a pair of gloves too! I love them and have decided they need names!

I have offered a dozen home made muffins to anyone who comes up with the best names.
These ladies and I became instant best friends!


I am grateful I have excepted the challenge to invest in myself. I understand if I don't; how can I accpect anyone else to?

I am grateful for how my work out today made me stand a little taller.

I am grateful for good news! (I got a full time job at the radio station!!!) Good news after a rough few days.