Sunday, January 29

Music Monday Chris's Last Weekend Show

Chris announced he was leaving and it made everything feel different at the station. I asked Adam if partner turn over is a normal thing in radio and he said no. That made me feel better, I was worried I was feeling sad and it would be something that I should get used to. I'm glad it's not.
When I worked as an EMT I had a medic partner named Adrian. He was killed when we worked up north. Adrian and I had an ability to work together that I have never duplicated since. We worked well, never fought, and we laughed a lot. There was an understanding that I find difficult to explain. I never had to tell Adrian I was upset with a call we were on, or a situation that we were dealing with. He could just tell by my face. When I was exhausted he would speak up for us both and when we could handle one more flight he understood that too.
We laughed a lot. We both handled stress the same and would often giggle and banter while driving back from something tear worthy.

Chris and I get along like Adrian and I did. Chris is forever making me laugh and with the snap of the fingers can do a dead pan straight face banter session that makes me cry I'm laughing so hard. I expect not many people have experienced this type of working relationship with someone else. That makes me feel even more fortunate to have worked with Mr.Chris. I hope the new guy and I get along like this too.

I am so happy for Chris and his beautiful family who will all be together again.

For MM I am posting a song I played at the radio station yesterday. It's a cover but in this case (to me) it is better then the original. In the span of 4 short days since I was first introduced to it I think I have played it about 78 times. and I am not joking. It is on repeat and is still going strong. I love singing along at the top of my lungs!

Here is the original, amazing as well and very artistic.


I am grateful for another chapter in this beautiful ongoing story of my life.

I am grateful My Dad and Rhonda surprised me and stopped by at the station this weekend to see me and where I work.

I am grateful for oatmeal.