Friday, December 14

No Beer For The Tooth Fairy

This past week Nora lost not one, but two teeth. It's a wonderful time for children. I remember being so excited when I would lose a tooth. I would carry it around all night in anticipation of putting it under my pillow, praying for the fastest night possible so I could see what the tooth fairy left me in the morning. It's a right of passage for children. A magical time.

The tooth fairy role is also a right of passage for the parents. I remember when Ethan lost his first tooth I was so excited all night waiting in anxious anticipation to sneak in to his room, slip the money and hand written letter from the fairy herself under his pillow making sure not to disturb his beautiful head with either my hand or my fresh and irrational tears that suddenly appeared (courtesy of years of undiagnosed  postpartum depression).  in that moment realizing how fast he is growing up and how in no time, he will be off to college and soon after that a father himself.

It is a lovely thing for everyone.

But after four children the novelty wears off for one of the two people involved, and I'll give you a hint, it's not the child. The night Nora lost her first tooth I helped her put it in a plastic bag and even put it under her pillow. Almost as soon as I walked out of her room I completely forgot what I still needed to do that night before I went to bed myself. I am surprised I could even remember her name by the time I walked down to the fridge and got a beer, and the fact I even had children was completely wiped from my mind when I sat on the couch to watch a movie.

I say it was wiped from my mind, actually that is not completely correct. I clearly had it somewhere in my memory, because when I was woken at 6 am by the crying screams of a small child calling for mommy  I instantly knew what the horrifically disappointed sound was caused by. I jumped out of bed, ran down to my purse, grabbed a toonie and shoved it in a sandwich bag and took the stairs 3 at a time to get to her room to tell her everything was okay and that the tooth fairy did not forget.
I threw the bag of money under her bed and told her sometimes it falls on the ground. She looked under her bed and found the money! The moment was saved!! She even got to keep her tooth which I explained the fairy does so she could show her dad!
You would think seeing my only daughter devastated by my incompetence would be scaring enough to help remind me two days later when she lost tooth number two....nope. I completely forgot AGAIN and had to do the exact same thing yesterday morning. *facepalm*

Being a parent sucks sometimes!


I am grateful for warm tea on cold mornings.

I am grateful for older children that can run and make it to the toilet when they have to throw up!

I am grateful for feeling creative again.



Ken said...

Our third child had a tough time with that tooth fairy as well.

When our middle child was about that age, he discovered just how lucrative losing teeth could be. He would constantly work at them with his tongue until they loosened, then pull them out to get the money. The tooth fairy had to stop coming to make him stop pulling his teeth out. Also, he couldn't eat corn on the cob for almost a whole year, from lack of teeth.

Tanya said...

Nice save Mama!