Monday, December 17

Music Monday Is BAAACK!!!

It has been forever since I have felt excited to share music with everyone. Of all the things I have missed about blogging this last month, this is by far the thing I missed most!

My friend Natasha sent me this song a few weeks ago. It is a song that her and her new love share. I fell in love with it immediately and have played it on the radio a few times. It was also one of the songs I gave my friend for Christmas.

I have not heard a song this fun in months!!!


I am not a huge Avril fan, but I tell you, I LOVE this cover of her mans song! She has gone up a few pegs on the coolness ladder.


This song was shared with me one night while I was wrapping Christmas presents.I love the mix of styles and the lyrics break my heart a little



I am grateful for sleeping in.

I am grateful for Hairspray that really works.

I am grateful feeling like I belong!


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