Friday, November 23

Happy Birthday Seth

I am sitting at the computer and the house is quiet now. All of the party quests have left and the kids are with their dad for the weekend. It is a huge contrast to how this house sounded only an hour ago. A home filled with 8 year old boys here to celebrate Seth turning another year older.

Happy Birthday my dear little boy!

Seth you are such an amazing child. I am the luckiest mom in the world. Today when you turned 8 I could not help but think about the day you came into this world. All 12 pounds of you was delightful then, and still is today. Seth, you are such a happy and curious boy, I love you. I love your smile that now has a retainer helping straighten it. I love how your eyes light up when you have something funny to say. Your glasses make your eyes ever brighter and look very handsome on your face. I love listening to you read me stories and tell me jokes. I love that you can out eat everyone in the house. I love listening to your teacher tell me how kind you are to others and how helpful you are in her class. I love listening to you play with your brothers and sister. I love that you are competitive and want to do your best every time. I love your laugh and how it makes me feel when I hear it throughout our home.

I love being your mom.

Happy Birthday!!


I am grateful for you and all you bring to my life.


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@Tellyman8 said...

You know what Joelle? Your the best mom!! What a nice way to end your sons birthday. :-) your kids I'm sure are very proud to have such a wonderful devoted mother who loves them very much. And just like my last comment I made to your nov 6 post, your beautiful inside and out.
Your twitter buddy @Tellyman8