Tuesday, November 6

Grateful Day

I have turned on my kettle three times already this morning to make tea and I still have not poured myself a cup. I am feeling quiet today, pensive even. I am not sure why, maybe it is just because I had a great sleep, but I feel calm this morning. My house feels peaceful and comforting.

This morning I woke up happy. That is not rare or anything, just today I really noticed. So today, I will just carry on my good mood and be grateful.


I am grateful that when I receive emails from men on the dating site I am on  that say, "you're pretty but you have kids...sorry". It does not upset me for too long because I know that one day someone will see us as the best things ever.

I am grateful for getting what I need, and not always what I want. I do enjoy getting what I want too, but I see how good it is for someone like me (with my personality) to have to wait for things.

I am grateful for friends who understand me.

I am grateful for how well I know my children. For the individual relationships I have with each of them, I value the time I get to spend with them now more then I did when I sent all day with them.

I am grateful for my intuition.

I am grateful for Molly (the dog) being in our lives. She is such a pain, but she brings so much to our house.

I am grateful for Jenna (the nanny) the peace of mind she gives me is worth more to me then gold.

I am grateful for this tea I finally made today.

I am grateful for new deodorant and nice smelling body oil.

I am grateful for everything I have learned about myself, even the things that are not great.


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@Tellyman8 said...

This post really connected with me. After reading it I read it again and again. I think your extremely beautiful as well. I would have no trouble dating someone with kids!! I love them and they seem to gravitate towards me wherever I go. I to hope that one day someone or someone with kids will see me as the best thing ever. I know I worth it!! :-)
Your twitter follower @Tellyman8