Tuesday, November 27

A Giggle To Start Your Day

If you know anything about me, you know how much I LOVE a good prank! This is brilliant!



I am grateful for laughter.

I am grateful for caring friends who love me.

I am grateful for a warm fireplace on cold days.


Friday, November 23

Happy Birthday Seth

I am sitting at the computer and the house is quiet now. All of the party quests have left and the kids are with their dad for the weekend. It is a huge contrast to how this house sounded only an hour ago. A home filled with 8 year old boys here to celebrate Seth turning another year older.

Happy Birthday my dear little boy!

Seth you are such an amazing child. I am the luckiest mom in the world. Today when you turned 8 I could not help but think about the day you came into this world. All 12 pounds of you was delightful then, and still is today. Seth, you are such a happy and curious boy, I love you. I love your smile that now has a retainer helping straighten it. I love how your eyes light up when you have something funny to say. Your glasses make your eyes ever brighter and look very handsome on your face. I love listening to you read me stories and tell me jokes. I love that you can out eat everyone in the house. I love listening to your teacher tell me how kind you are to others and how helpful you are in her class. I love listening to you play with your brothers and sister. I love that you are competitive and want to do your best every time. I love your laugh and how it makes me feel when I hear it throughout our home.

I love being your mom.

Happy Birthday!!


I am grateful for you and all you bring to my life.


Tuesday, November 13

I've Started Telling My Daughters I'm Beautiful

I found this at work tonight and with very little hesitation I decided to share it with you .

I've Started Telling My Daughter I'm Beautiful.




I am grateful I for women all over the world who uplift me in ways they will never know.

I am grateful daughters who will grow up knowing they are wonderful at every age.

I am grateful for leftovers.

Thursday, November 8

Blue Jay In The Snow

Yesterday was Snowagedon (as my friend Rachael called it). Everything came to a halt yesterday with the white stuff. My drive into the office was relatively easy, but as the day progressed and with more snow, it made my regular 34 minute drive almost triple in length. At one point on the way home I was doing 40 and that still felt really fast.

While I drove home I remembered I needed to pick up groceries. A task that is not ideal at the best of times, let alone when you have to push the full cart through wet slippery snow.  When I got to Safeway I decided to make the best of it. I got a tea, took my jacket off and began crossing off my list.

When I was all done, I picked one of two checkout lines and began unloading. There was a woman in front of me who had a nice but strained smile when we made eye contact and I began unloading my stuff. She was older then me, but not by that many years. She walked with a cane and I noticed her hands shook when she was trying to give the cashier her bank card. When she did finally hand her the card, I noticed her fingers were cramped, bent and swollen from arthritis. I could see that the simple task of pushing the buttons on the pin pad was a challenge for her. She was just finishing up her transaction when she said to me, "I love the blue in your hair".
She smiled at me and I said thank you. Then she said, speaking slowly like she had to really concentrate on her word formation, "It reminds me of a Blue Jay and they are my favorite birds, they make me so happy".
She just smiled at me when her husband started making comments abut how Blue Jays are such a pretty bird.

It was a nice moment. It made me feel warm inside.


I am grateful for conversations with strangers. I love that I live in a place where talking with anyone is acceptable.

I am grateful for a warm house and good food. For a strong shovel and a beautiful and peaceful morning to clear the snow.

I am grateful for feeling less anger towards my treadmill this morning.


Tuesday, November 6

Grateful Day

I have turned on my kettle three times already this morning to make tea and I still have not poured myself a cup. I am feeling quiet today, pensive even. I am not sure why, maybe it is just because I had a great sleep, but I feel calm this morning. My house feels peaceful and comforting.

This morning I woke up happy. That is not rare or anything, just today I really noticed. So today, I will just carry on my good mood and be grateful.


I am grateful that when I receive emails from men on the dating site I am on  that say, "you're pretty but you have kids...sorry". It does not upset me for too long because I know that one day someone will see us as the best things ever.

I am grateful for getting what I need, and not always what I want. I do enjoy getting what I want too, but I see how good it is for someone like me (with my personality) to have to wait for things.

I am grateful for friends who understand me.

I am grateful for how well I know my children. For the individual relationships I have with each of them, I value the time I get to spend with them now more then I did when I sent all day with them.

I am grateful for my intuition.

I am grateful for Molly (the dog) being in our lives. She is such a pain, but she brings so much to our house.

I am grateful for Jenna (the nanny) the peace of mind she gives me is worth more to me then gold.

I am grateful for this tea I finally made today.

I am grateful for new deodorant and nice smelling body oil.

I am grateful for everything I have learned about myself, even the things that are not great.


Monday, November 5

Music Monday, With No Music

 I vote every election, I always have. When I turned 18 I was more excited to get to vote for the first time then I was to get my drivers licence or drink. Voting is a right that was won for women after years and years of struggle. I see it as a gift to have my voice heard, in every and all venues. It is not something that I will ever take for granted or take lightly. I am so thankful for the brave women and men who have made it possible for me to have a voice in politics, the work place, in my community and however else I feel like expressing myself.

I hope every single American votes tomorrow. I hope they see how lucky they are to have a say, and to be heard. I hope they all understand how important this election is. I will be watching the entire evening while I am at work, anxious to see the results.


I am grateful for intelligent people in my life who make me laugh and are supportive.

I am grateful for how beautiful it is today.

I am grateful for my rights as a women in 2012.