Thursday, October 25

Whistling And Singing Makes Me Happy.

The building that I work in actually has two radio stations in it. The one I work for 102.3 NOW radio, and our sister station 99.3 UP. I am sure it is common in radio to constantly be playing the actual station throughout the building, but here what is played flips from one stations to the other. I love getting to hear every one's shows and conversations they are having. One of my favorite things about working where I do is that at any time of the day I will be walking through the halls and I will hear people singing along to the song that is playing. I will often catch someone whistling or dancing, tapping humming or head bobbing. It is very a happy place for me and to be surrounded by other people who genuinely love music makes it such a comfortable environment.

The weather is getting really cold. We have not had snow yet, thank goodness, but you can feel it is not far off. My house is an older one, so the windows and door allows a slight breeze I find it charming in the summer but this time of year I swear at it under my breath.

Molly is doing well and adjusting wonderfully to our family and home. She has completely stopped having accidents in the house. She is a exceptionally fast learner and I can see the little bonds and relationships she is building with each of the kids. She is proving to be an excellent fit and match for us.

I have taken a break for the dating stuff. I can see that this level of torture needs to have substantial spaces of time in between sessions. I am not sure who this is more challenging for, me,  going through it and experiencing it or for my poor friends having to listen to it all and remind me that it wont always be like this.

So, like always I am just trudging along just laughing through it all.


I am grateful for nail polish. It makes me feel pretty.

I am grateful for hot showers.

I am grateful for TD reward points.


Leah M said...

Ooooo, where ya going with your TD reward points?

J said...

;) I will tell you Monday.

Christy McPhillamey said...

Nail polish makes me feel pretty too!