Tuesday, October 23

The Joelle Show!

Christmas came early for Joelle yesterday!

When Rob and I started our show last night there was a small present waiting for me on our ID page from producer Johnny.

I have my very own ID for the Joelle Show...with Rob! I was laughing so hard all night every time Rob would play it. (Just to be clear, I will still always be with Rob doing the Rob and Joelle Show, this is just a fun thing that was made for me when I get to run the board).

This past weekend was my first attempt at learning the board. The Boss gave me permission and feels the best way for me to learn is to just jump right in and do it. Sunday I ran the board for 30 full minutes and almost threw up the entire time. There is quite a lot to do and it really allows me to see and understand more of Robs role in everything. Something simple like remembering to turn off the mics after we are done talking gave me a stomach ache, so I am so grateful this will be a slow process and I can learn it at my own pace.

When Rob decided it was time for me to trade spots with him, it shocked me how gentle he became when talking to me. Rob and I have a very brother sister, sarcastic and playful relationship. I was expecting him to laugh and constantly make fun of me, which is pretty normal for us. To my surprise, when the song was playing down and it was getting closer to my turn, he ran through everything I will need to do to exit the song, and then he said to me with a slightly serious look on his face, "you will only ever push that button for the first time once in your life, so enjoy it." Then he smiled. I could tell he was remembering his first time too.

It was fun, and horrifying all wrapped up into 30 small minutes. I loved it!

I even got a little bit of love after my time. 

I feel very blessed. The shear awesomeness of this situation and opportunity is not lost on me. I feel it every time I sit in that chair across from Rob, even more when I stand behind the board. I am a lucky girl, I have no idea why this all happened to me, but I tell ya. I am and forever will be grateful for it!


I am grateful for wonderful co workers (Johnny) who made my very own ID's. Thank you.

I am grateful for Rob and his endless support through all this.

I am grateful Melanie heard me the first time I was running the board! Thanks for texting me your support, it meant a lot!

I am grateful, so unbelievably grateful!



Tanya said...

You did great Joelle!

Leah M said...

Yay!! I'm so super happy for you!!

Rachel Day said...

It happened to you because you are amazing, deserved it and we're lucky to have you!!!

Diane Doering said...

Wanted to text you that day and tell you hpw great you were doing but I was driving. You were laughing so much all I could do was laugh too.