Tuesday, October 16

Just To Catch Up

I received a tweet last night asking if everything was okay because I had not blogged in a week. Funny how fast the time goes and before I even notice, a full week has gone by.

Things are well. Work is good and I think Rob and I have settled back into the weekend routine nicely. I have been given the thumbs up to learn the board now, which will help me understand more of what Robs roll is and allows me to help out here and there when needed. I am very excited to learn it. It scares me to death and I am sure I will humiliate myself more than once when I make huge mistakes, but I always appreciate learning and growth.

The children are doing well. we are very comfortable in our school routines and the year is going well so far. Jenna is a huge help and completely invaluable to me and my peace of mind. Jenna has been working for me now for a few months and she fits in nicely here. Jenna is currently training as a distance runner (she has been training for all her life) but is presently trying to qualify for the Boston marathon with hopes of making the Canadian Olympic team. So her days include running and running and running some more, then working out, and watching my kids. It's a sweet set up for us both!
Jenna and I have become good friends too. Even though I am 10 years her senior we get along very well.

hmmm...what else is new? Ooh I started on line dating. That has been, for the most part, a huge nightmare. I went on one where the guy was so offensive right form the moment I sat down I was completely speechless. I introduced myself and the first thing he said was some horrific suggestions about the elimination of homosexuals off the earth. The worst part was I was so stunned I didn't know what to do except stare at him in disgust. He then followed it up with a reference to the food I was about to eat as my "pre F feast". I left shocked and angry and have never spoken to him again. I wish I would have thrown something at him

Sigh... I can't help but laugh awkwardly at how absurd some of these men are.
It has not been entirely unsuccessful  though, there has been one diamond in the rough found, but we shall see if anything comes of it.
Dating when you are a mother and in your 30's is interesting to say the least. I feel like I know myself the best, better then I ever have my whole life. I understand what I want and what I don't want and I am more sure of myself then I was in my 20's. You would think this would be fun...it is really hard. Insecurities and self doubt are constant and vicious. But, like everything, it's a process.

I am working out, and reading. Playing with my dog and laughing with my children. My pants fit big and my pretty clothes are looking better on me. I am treating myself better and learning what is good and helpful in my life vs what is damaging and harmful. I am healing and growing and putting things back in order.

I have been working on my bucket list again. I have plans this spring to cross one more big-ish thing off my list. The plans are in the works, and I can't wait to share when it become more certain.

All is well here,



I am grateful for feeling cared for.

I am grateful for laughing, it is the medicine that heals every ill in my life.

I am grateful for how beautiful it is outside. I love fall.

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