Monday, October 1

Happy Birthday Mom, From My Kids

Happy Birthday Mom!
Since this blog was started Joelle has written a special message to each of her kids on their birthdays. This year the kids wrote a message for her. They answered some questions about their mom and I have to say their responses are very entertaining! They are good, funny kids and quick witted like their mom. Over the last few years that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing them, they have become more caring, funny and mature. I love them more each day. They are growing into pretty decent people thanks to a pretty decent mom. Happy Birthday Joelle!

1.       What do you want to say to mom on her Birthday?
Ethan – Thank you for giving me life!
Gabe – “How old is she turning?”………  Happy 30 something Birthday!
Seth – Happy Birthday! Then I’ll give her a card and some money.
Nora – Happy Birthday mom!

2.       If you could buy her any gift what would it be?
Ethan – Mansion with a Jacuzzi and an Olympic size swimming pool. Then give her enough money to keep the house as long as she likes.
Gabe – Diamond jewellery
Seth – A diamond
Nora – An England t-shirt, and some boots, and a pizza, and the biggest pack of yoghurt tubes.

3.       What is your favourite thing mom cooks/bakes?
Ethan – Got be her lemon meringue pie.
Gabe – Mint chocolate chip cookies, the hard ones if you want to get specific.
Seth – Salmon Tikka!
Nora – The chocolate pie she made me today. I like grapes!
4.       What is your favourite game she plays with you?
Ethan – Nerf guns
Gabe – Nerf guns. She is really fun.
Seth – Nerf guns
Nora – Hide and seek.
(Apparently you are very good at shooting!)

5.       What do you like doing together?
Ethan – Watching deadliest warrior at night.
Gabe – Baking!!!
Seth – Cooking with her.
Nora –Playing with her and the dog.

6.       What does she do well?
Ethan – Gets us ready for school and bake!
Gabe – She does a lot of things really well, but the best thing is making bacon.
Seth – She does the radio really well!
Nora – She has fake apples   (?!?!? LOL, she is so random)

7.       What do you help her with?
Ethan – How to operate her Nerf gun and ………. patients (?apparently you need to learn more)
Gabe – Take care of Molly
Seth – To clean up downstairs and make it all different.
Nora – I help her sweep!

8.       What reminds you of mom?
Ethan – Awesome, perfect, kittens, good shot, deadly and playful.
Gabe – Nerf guns, TV, and dogs.
Seth – Money, actually that speeding ticket (there are actually 2 speeding tickets!)
Nora –I don’t know, ask mom. (she is so funny!)

9.       What do you love about mom?
Ethan – That she can cook amazing things!
Gabe – She always has food ready for us. She is a great cook!
Seth – Everything!
Nora – That when she puts me to bed she reads me a story first.
Nora – Can you get to the part where you say you like my boots again?
 Me - You do have great boots. Do you have a boot fetish like mom?
Nora – I used to, but my brothers destroyed it.
(Me – now crying with laughter)

1   Is there anything else you want to say to mom?
Ethan – Thank you for getting Molly. Oh and if you cannot bring the horse to the water, bring the water to the horse.
Gabe – She is the best mom in the world!
Seth – Happy Birthday! I love you!
Nora –Thank you!

Ethan – I am grateful that I have a house, a good house to live in.
Gabe – I am grateful for my mom being my mom.
Seth – I am grateful for everything!
Nora –I am grateful for my castle and my doll house.


Anonymous said...

Priceless! Well done :) Happy birthday Joelle!


TheRealSlimKatie said...

Awwwwww, this is the bestest!! Joelle, you have great kids! I'd like to challenge you to a Nerf-Gun duel... I'm pretty good, myself! haha Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman!! ♥

Ken said...

It only stands to reason, that an awesome woman is the mother to equally awesome kids.
I'd wager that there is rarely a dull moment in your home?
Happy Birthday Joelle! :)

Leah M said...

Oh! The tears!! The tears!! Have a great day Joelle, your kids are certainly the best birthday present ever!!